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Environmental Management Commission

Dr. Joseph Gardella, Chair


The City of Buffalo Environmental Management Commission was established to advise the city government on present and proposed methods and plans for the preservation, protection, enhancement and management of the environment and to encourage actions to improve environmental quality among public and private agencies and organizations within the City of Buffalo.

 Powers and Duties

 The Commission:

  • May recommend programs for the protection, preservation and ecologically suitable utilization of open land areas, scenic and historic sites, natural areas, shorelines, marshlands, drainage ways, and wetlands in the city to the mayor and common council;
  • May recommend the expansion and development of the amount of open space within the city;
  • May advise and make recommendations to the mayor, common council and director of environmental affairs as requested or as may be deemed appropriate by the commission on matters affecting the environmental quality of the city;
  • May develop, recommend and assist in the conduct of a program of public information in the city that will be designed to increase the understanding of environmental problems and to foster support for their solution;
  • Shall cooperate with and assist such other governmental or nongovernmental boards or organizations in the review of proposals or applications as the mayor or common council may direct;
  • May recommend, in writing, that the common council accept by gift, conditional or unconditional grant, devise or otherwise, real property in fee, or any lesser interest, including conveyance with limitations or reversions;
  • May encourage that environmental concerns be considered and all existing laws, rules, and regulations are being complied with by the responsible departments;
  • May encourage appropriate departments to take legal and/or enforcement action pursuant to their authority as warranted and where necessary;
  • May recommend that the corporation counsel seek an injunction to abate violations of any laws, rules and regulations pertaining to environmental affairs; and,
  • May act as lead agency for the city concerning any report, recommendation, study or other matter required by the terms of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)


The members of the commission shall have environmental oriented training or background in public service and shall be committed to the preservation and enhancement of environmental quality. Members are appointed to their position for a two-year term.