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Home > City Departments > City Clerk > Dog Licensing Bureau > Dog Licensing Requirements

Dog Licensing Requirements

You can renew your license in person or click here for an application or online at (

  • All dogs four (4) months of age or older within the City of Buffalo must be licensed.
  • A completed dog license application indicating: your name, address, zip code and phone number, dog's name, breed, color(s), markings, year of birth.
  • Copy of a valid rabies certificate.
  • Copy of spayed or neutering certificate (if applicable)
  • Dog License fee (see Fees)

    ***Copy of veterinarian's printout validating rabies certification and/or spayed or neutering certification is acceptable verification.

    Certified Spayed or Neutered Dogs $13.50
    Unspayed or Unneutered Dogs $20.50

    EXPIRATION DATE: ONE (1) YEAR (last day of the month licensed)

    Where do I apply for a dog license?

    You have two (2) options: apply in person (cash, check or money order) or through the mail (check or money order). If applying by mail please include a self addressed stamped envelope. Please remember that you must provide all required documentation. Apply or mail to:
    Dog Licensing Bureau
    1304 City Hall
    Buffalo, New York 14202
    (716) 851-5439

    Do I have to renew the dog license?

    Dog License Fees

  • Yes, dog licenses must be renewed annually. You are still responsible for renewing the license. (License expires on the last day of the month you originally licensed your dog.)  You can renew your license in person or by mail or online at (

  • Renewal dog license fees are the same as the original dog license fee

  • It is the dog owner's responsibility to report any dog status changes (i.e., death, lost or stolen, change of address)

  • Lost Dog Tags? Report it to the Dog License Bureau ($10.00 replacement cost, please allow for approximately (6) six weeks to obtain)